End to End Solutions

Supply chains evolve over time.

They are dynamic and in order to be efficient, they should be routinely examined for improvement and increased efficiency. The previous transportation solution that worked five years ago or even last year before that new business was awarded, may not be the best solution today.


The warehouse that was located near that OEM plant our client first shipped to ten years ago may now ship to multiple locations and its current location, although efficiently run, may now be increasing the cost of the entire supply chain. AEL Span completes business reviews regularly with its clients to ensure they have a comprehensive, efficient solution that works for them for today and tomorrow.

As the business needs change, so do the services required.

Our clients receive the benefit of regular business reviews and regular continuous improvement projects implemented throughout the facility. We work with our clients to help minimize unnecessary movements within the supply chain . By providing End to End Solutions, we can provide a streamlined supply chain model that minimizes effort on the client’s end. And as the market and the business changes, we collaboratively work with our clients to ensure we are always providing the best solution.

Value Added Services


We provide more than simple Warehouse or Transportation services.

As a partner to our client, we provide a range of unexpected services to ensure our client’s product reaches their customer’s door on time and without defect. These services work best with a collaborative, quality driven mindset of both the people of AEL Span and our client. Below is a small sampling of what we can provide our clients:

  • Kitting
  • Subassembly
  • Consolidation
  • Repackaging including Dangerous Goods and Specialty Crating
  • Sequencing
  • Procurement
  • Supplier Management
  • Returns Management
  • Business Intelligence/ Analytics
  • Sorting & Labeling

Real Examples

Intricate Cross-Dock Operations with Export Freight Services

For one of current clients, we perform a complicated cross-dock operation, managing multiple transportation modes and competing guidelines lane closure and cycle time requirements. This program was initially made more complete by the initial lack of EDI compliance for inbound material. Our team resolved these issues by converting Excel data into an EDI transaction, which resulted in automatic, system controlled transactions throughout the program. We are able to directly interface with client systems to provide complete order traceability, something that the previous vendor was able to do only on a manual basis. As part of this program, we also provide export packaging services including HAZMAT repackaging. As a whole, this program as a whole has helped our clients achieve millions of dollars in inventory savings and create synergies in the supply chain processes not realized by the previous service provider.


Vendor Managed Inventory, Containment and Repack Services combined with Transportation Management

A small European client has used our VMI, repack and our containment services for years, but new this year, we added Transportation Services when they launched a new North American Manufacturing Service. This client uses our IT technology to initiate pulls from our warehouse to their North American facility and the same IT technology to transmit ASN’s back to us. Although this client is small, with limited resources to meet the stringent Automotive requirements, our supply chain knowledge and capabilities allow this client to focus on their product without the distraction of supply chain issues.

VMI combined with Procurement Services

When dealing with multiple small overseas  suppliers,  our clients may enjoy a price discount in manufactruing but pay the price in the cost of managing these suppliers in their overhead. We currently manage a program for a major Tier One where we perform this service for them. Based on the communication from the Tier One, we issue forecasts to 30 small suppliers in Asia. We arrange for this product to be shipped into our North American facility and manage the supply chain concerns with these suppliers. As the Tier One forecast to our facility requires, we ship the required product to them, managing their inbound material for them. The Tier One sees only one invoice and their supply chain concerns are simpler as it involves only working with AEL Span as their supply chain partner.