Value Added Services

By incorporating our unique and extensive value added services into our client’s supply chain, AEL Span ensures a streamlined flow of material that minimizes extra handling and adds efficiencies to the bottom line.

The market often drives changes to the product, or the way it is delivered, to occur after the initial manufacturing process. Sometimes these services can be well planned in advance, such as repacking or sequencing needs. Other times, there is a sudden critical need, such as sort and containment service that requires a high sense of urgency and the technical know-how to make things. AEL Span uses its detailed quality standards and experience in these areas to ensure that our clients can focus on their internal businesses, and not supply chain issues.


AEL Span can provide a variety of repacking services. Our extensive repacking experience includes:

  • Expendable to Returnable dunnage, including returnables managment
  • Specialized Automotive Aftermarket and relabeling
  • Specialized Crating for Overseas transport, from batteries to windshields
  • Hazmat Packaging
Working closely with our clients, AEL Span can manage their supplier and procure parts on our clients’ behalf, coordinate the forecast requirements, and manage the inventory. This allows our clients to focus on their manufacturing process and simplify their internal processes with one vendor to do with instead of many. This service can be provided as part of a complete supply chain solution.
When the quality has to be there, AEL Span can help. Whether it is a planned 100% pre-delivery inspection and testing service or a containment for a recently discovered failure mode, our Quality team is experienced to ensure a proper test set up. We have experience working in specialized test environments.


 At AEL Span, we do everything possible to ensure our clients are able to provide zero-defect product to their customer. For highly sensitive products such as electronics, this is often a planned pre-delivery inspection of the functionality of a part. This type of planned inspection can be built into our warehousing services. Reporting requirements on rejections can be customized to our client’s need to pinpoint specific issues and help our clients minimize failure modes.


By utilizing low cost countries for manufacturing, Automotive clients often face a supply chain trade-off which is long lead times for implementing manufacturing changes. However, working in a North American Production environment requires rapid changes to both market place issues and also potential quality concerns. This is where we can provide an enormous bottom-line benefit.  We are the people to call when it’smidnight and a single failure could mean a line shut down situation. We can provide immediate, trained sorting and containment services and give you clean product to supply to your client.  We have also worked in conjunction with our clients to change brackets and other features on product to minimize potential obsolescence or meet a sudden change between part number forecast requirements.

The ultimate in delivery requirements, the art of sequencing product into a manufacturing facility is about both precision and planning. Our experienced Operations team knows the details matter in this operation. One part in the wrong position in a shipping rack can affect a manufacturing operation, the ultimate shipping error.

To perform without defect, we fully plan and document any new sequencing process well before the first part is shipped. Using Quality Core Tools and proven methods, we coordinate the planning portion of the sequencing process between our Operations and IT department with the client requirements. We build error-proofing methods into this process to ensure our clients receive what they are expecting.

  • Returns Management
  • In-Plant Logistics
  • Sequencing and Line-Side Delivery
  • Order Processing
  • Kitting and Assembly
  • Sorting & Labeling