Shipping to every major Automotive OEM, AEL Span has provided VMI Services since its inception.

Although storing product for our clients and providing JIT services with a zero-defect mindset seems simple enough, we know the highly detailed criteria for shipping into an Automotive OEM.

Beyond 100% on time delivery every time, the EDI transactions, the communication in the OEM’s systems and the changes to order requirements that the OEM makes on a daily basis all have to be perfect in order for clients to maintain their profit margins and OEM delivery ratings.

A detailed AQP process, a Plan for Every Part, and a documented PFMEA ensures the details are right. And getting all the details right, ensures the execution is flawless.

Warehouse Storage

Efficiencies can be added to the VMI model with:

  • Pre-delivery Inspection, Testing and Containment
  • Repack
  • Transportation Services
  • Procurement
  • Sequencing and Line-Side Delivery