What makes us different


Operations Excellence - How we deliver on our commitments

As detailed above, AEL Span has a strong focus our clients’ needs. Our goal is to become an extension of our client’s logistics network by seeking opportunities to increase productivity and eliminate cost. Our team members understand that delivering operations excellence based on our commitments is a minimum requirement to do business with our clients. They work continually to raise the bar in key areas such as safety, quality, productivity, and team morale/unity. Our teams drive down a clearly defined path to operations excellence through continuous improvement and best practices which will deliver quantifiable value to our clients. 

Innovation and LEAN – How we continually improve our operations

AEL Span’s approach to operations excellence is driven by our commitment to innovation and LEAN. At AEL, LEAN is a key component of our operational culture. Our teams are trained in LEAN methodology and supported by engineering expertise with guidance from our Manager of Lean in order to deliver a product which works continuously to eliminate waste and drive efficiency.

Strategic Partnership – How we approach growth and relationships

AEL Span has the ability to dynamically scale our services in order to grow with our clients. The synergies that are created through true partnership allow us to strategically employ the appropriate means to support each dynamic step of our clients’ business growth. AEL Span maintains a unique position in the industry as a people-focused 3PL with a strong quality culture. This culture usually facilitates “relationship-based partnerships, where both parties’ objectives are met. In our approach to developing strong client relationships, AEL Span follows a proven Relationship Management process designed to ensure AEL Span maintains an intimate understanding of our client’s requirements and is poised to handle any changes and fluctuations in the course of operation.

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