As a leading provider of integrated customized logistics solutions, AEL Span brings you options to use multiple WMS inventory management solutions in tandem.

Built specifically to support 3PL multi-client operations from its inception, we offer adaptable and configurable answers to a large array of client requirements. The massive feature set allows for customizations to tailor to the specific WMS processes that best support your unique needs.


WMS Capabilities include:

• Receiving/Inbound

• Inventory Management

• Lineside Delivery of Product

• Order Fulfillment/Replenishment

Plus, AEL Span provides full data visibility using both ERP
and WMS for value-added services like:

• Hosted (Cloud-based) or Local Server Installations

• Web-based User Interface

• Microsoft SQL Server

• Full Reverse-logistics, Returns, and Level 1 and 2 Repairs

• Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Management Reports

• Ad-hoc Reporting

• Shipment Tracking Services

• Email Notifications for Client Shipment Tracking

• Automated Exception Alerts

Built from the ground up, this solution specifically manages JIT processing, supplier managed inventory, and lean supply chain programs for OEMs and leading Fortune 500 companies, across a range of industries. Therefore, AEL supports a wide variety of supply chain capabilities including knitting, sequencing, and warehouse management.

Bottom line, we bring you a proprietary data and visibility systems management support programs to give you strategic advantages to drive you ahead of the competition and to help you maintain positive customer relationships backed by deliverables.