Inbound to plant - Manufacturing Support

Services Include:


Repack / Decant

Sorting and Labeling

Pre-delivery Inspection and Testing

Specialty Packing

Returns Processing

Returns Management


Dedicated Shuttles


Import Deconsolidation




In-Plant Logistics


Order Processing

Effective manufacturing support demands a solutions-driven approach to provide a frictionless services protocol. Quality control, inventory management, and tracking systems are only the beginning of efficient warehouse management, starting right at the gate.

AEL Span offers you supply chain ease with extensive materials management capabilities, resources, and services.

Our tested management systems, along with AEL’s experienced and dedicated workforce, let’s you rest assured — all while reducing your touchpoints, decreasing costs, and lessening inventory headaches.

Inbound Dock – First Gate to Quality

• All product goes through a gross visual inspection for signs of damage

• 100% ASN compliant facility. Team members use PDAs to scan LPN on each carton against the ASN

• Any damages or variances are immediately reported

Inventory Storage – Inventory Management

• Once received there is a PFEP that directs put away to storage locations adjacent to the sequencing cells

• WMS provides shortage report to client to drive inbound deliveries to the warehouse & manage inventory levels at SKU level

Outbound Staging – Daily Truck Loads / Parcel Shipments

• Materials are moved to the staging area once closed at the sequencing cell

• Shipping doors have CCTV cameras installed so that all material is recorded as it is loaded

• Empties are received with each outbound shipment we make

Cell Routing

• Pick locations are decided based on velocity or a “heat map”

• Two bin Kanban system used to direct replenishment

• Pick path is a circular path that begins and ends at the sequencing area

• Operators use a cart to convey their parts

Sequencing Cell – Sequencing

• After the cart is picked it is dropped off for sequencing

• Each row is color coded for error reduction

• Each slot is scanned with WMS to ensure accuracy to 866 (EDI)

Returnable Management – Inspection & Repair

• All racks are inspected as we receive them back

• Repairs are made and logged at that time

• Only then are they released back into the loop

AEL Span Services Inbound to Plant

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