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President & CEO

John Henderson’s diverse range of experience, from contract logistics and contract electronics manufacturing to banking and venture capital management, inform his approach and perspective to his work as AEL Span’s President and CEO. And it’s that mix of executive acumen, business management expertise and entrepreneurial excellence honed over 30 years that drives him as he leads the company to its next phase of growth. 

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VP of Client Solutions

Courtland Colding is a results-driven sales professional whose experience in logistics, new business development, strategic marketing and account management greatly enhance the consultative style he brings to his role as Vice President of Client Solutions. His commitment to the customer’s success first impacts every interaction and, ultimately is the key to his ability build strong, long-term client relationships

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Business Development Manager

Albert BW Louis brings over 30 years of corporate experience in the automotive, aerospace furniture and lighting industries to his position as Business Development Manager. He specializes in strategy, new business, and purchasing and materials management, and has successfully implemented just-in-time planning solutions and Kanban pull material planning systems that have resulted in massive savings

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VP of Operations

Troy Mason’s responsibility throughout his career has been to design simple solutions to complex supply chain problems in support of demanding organizations ranging from the U.S. military, General Motors, Ford Motor Company and FCA/Chrysler to Lear Corporation, Bombardier, Johnson and Johnson and L’Oreal. His operations experience includes logistics, manufacturing, material planning, purchasing, facility optimization, quality control, production planning and lean manufacturing (JIT). 

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