There’s only one way to go from here …

Where do you expect your business to be in 5 years? In 5 months? In 5 days? Will your supply chain be a hurdle to those goals? Or a launch pad? AEL Span delivers integrated, flexible solutions that can turn your logistics challenges into opportunities and take you where you really want to go: FORWARD

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The difference is oUR people.


Every solution, every innovation, every leap we make is driven by our people: everyone from our Lean- and Six Sigma-certified team members to an entire workforce that is continually optimized through HR Mastery™ practices.

Our people offer their diverse perspectives and expertise to serve a purpose that unites us all: consistently delivering greater value to fuel customer success.

Adapt. evolve. repeat.™


Our lean processes and full range of services make us agile and flexible enough to respond to changes in the marketplace as they arise, with innovative, purpose-built supply chain solutions. And as practitioners of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, we are relentless in our pursuit of continuous improvement, creating value for our customers by streamlining processes, optimizing resources, increasing efficiency and maximizing profitability.


  • Manufacturing Support Inbound to plant

  • Kitting and Sub Assembly

  • Complex Distribution

  • Cross-Docking


  • Sequencing
  • Repack / Decant

  • Sorting and Labeling

  • Pre-delivery Inspection and Testing

  • Specialty Packing

  • Returns Processing

  • Returns Management

  • Containment

  • Dedicated Shuttles

  • Inspection

  • Import Deconsolidation

  • Consolidation

  • Decanting

  • Repackaging

  • In-Plant Logistics

  • Line-Side-Delivery

  • Order Processing

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Driving customer success.

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